Guillermo Pérez Egea


I could summarize Enso Movers in these concepts: Knowledge / learning, learning / control, sacrifice / perseverance, overcoming, human.

Knowledge / Learning

When I decided to start working with them, I spent about a month talking to them before I started, at this point the conversations were almost all about nutrition. They explained it to me in such a way that I thought to try to see what happened, but what they told me that convinced me was: «You try it. If it goes well you continue, and if you see that it does not, you quit.» I came from a world where things have to be done without reasoning, I had to eat “this”, and suddenly I found two people who, not only give you freedom, but also explain why things are that way, and this shows how professional they are and everything they know. I thought I knew something about this world, but when I met them I realized that i was wrong, I knew absolutely nothing compared to what they know. I admire his eagerness for continue learning and for teaching.

Learning / Control

With Enso Movers I am learning to control my body, to be the one who decides to do an action and not to do it without a reason. At the beginning, it is difficult to understand and realize but as the weeks go by … The thing changes, especially at the psychological level. In training my body is constantly under stress, but it is when I get out of there, in any situation, when I think about what I am capable of doing now, how do I do it and if I could do it outside of training. And obviously this is the case. There is a position called squat, but all the way down, well, I started without being able to do it all the way down, and now I can. But it turns out that this position was our way of resting thousands and thousands of years ago and the funny thing is that today, if I have to wait for a bus, taxi, tram, etc., sometimes, without thinking about it, I rest naturally in squat.

Sacrifice / perseverance

I have always trained, but sometimes I needed to be constant, and Enso Movers has taught me that our body is meant to move. But to move in a brutal way. But to access that capacity for movement, you have to be constant; and when you are constant and you look at photos from the past, you see changes, some at a glance, for others you have to scratch a little more. That is the fruit to collect after doing things well. But … is there a limit for what can we do?


The answer to the previous question gives me the opportunity to talk about this section because, thinking, does the human being have limits? With the teachings of Enso Movers, I answer the question with a resounding no. The only thing is that we can not get what we want instantly, each goal requires a time of dedication throughout our life, and this is fascinating, because when we achieve that goal, our brain automatically thinks about the next thing you can do, you rarely stop to enjoy your achievement. For that reason I think that life is like an infinite staircase, and that the objectives set are steps to climb.


This section is the most personal, because I simplify what I want to express with the word «Human», but the thing is that the treatment you receive from Enso Movers is an unbeatable deal. At least in my case, they have, and are, helping me to see life in a totally different way, in everything that can help me, problems, thoughts, Stories for sleepless nights, etc … And not have every human being do that. That is something that is carried very deep inside you, and, sincerely, it is something for which I am very, very grateful.