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Álvaro Medina

English | Español

If I had to describe my time with Enso Movers, I think I would use one word only: satisfying.

It has been exactly one year since I started working with Enso, and since then i have outdone myself in a lot of different ways (from mobility, to strength, and also improving both my perseverance and hard work). I have always done some kind of physical activity, and since I was a teenager I have been interested in the physical capabilities of the body, as well as how to improve my strength, my mobility and physical resistance, and the systems used for working on it. All of these doubts were resolved by two trainers completely engaged with the investigation of the body and health in general. From the beginning, both trainers have always been there to advise me, give me information about why to use a particular exercise and about the best progressions I should follow to achieve my goals.

It has been a year since I started training with them, and it has been a year full of effort, perseverance, and a huge amount of knowledge that has made this year a very fulfilling experience. Seeing how your abilities develop little by little, how the gains come after so much hard work, as well as how your trainers are there to support you and to be happy about your gains and your evolution, but also to push you to your limits when you don’t feel like it, is really satisfying to me.

It is also incredible to see the community they are creating, where we can all give our opinions, and share our achievements, questions, research, etc., a community that is as interested in movement and the body capabilities as I am, or even more. I would also highlight the wide variety of information you can find in there online archives, including a huge amount of books about training, nutrition and other issues than can be helpful to improve your approach and attitude towards the world of training.

In conclusion, Enso Movers has meant to me a year of constant satisfaction, were I have been able to see my limits and learn from them. All of these has been driven by two highly engaged trainers who are conscious about the world of training.