Reinaldo Valle Barragán

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In 2011, while playing a football match, I got kicked on the outside part of my right knee, which gave way into the inside and I fractured my ACL (anterior cruciate ligament), my inside collateral ligament and my inside cartilage. After two months struggling to get a surgery, I had it at the IMED hospital in Elche (Spain). My rehabilitation started two weeks later. I spent 4 months rehabilitating my knee in order for it to be “functional”, going to exercise bike and massage sessions almost every day. After these 4 months, I spent three more trying to go back to sports, and I was finally discharged and got a “functional” knee that allowed me to have a “normal” life. “Functional” meant for doctors and physiotherapists a knee with an active 90º flexion and a complete passive one, with several crackings that became normal to me.

About a year later I quit football and started taking an interest in dance, and my knee stopped being functional. What I mean is that a functional knee is not a knee with a 90º flexion. A functional knee means that after having so many parts broken and having had a rehabilitation and readjustment process, I could be able to do whatever physical exercise I wanted with no problem or burden. But they said that was impossible, maybe due to lack of means or desire.

After 4 years making my knee go to its limit, I heard about Enso Movers, I told them about my problem and dealt with it with an only philosophy: everything can be readjusted go back to its natural state if it’s tackled correctly. Through squatting, stretching and performing several lower body exercises, I have now a wider range of flexion, and, the most important thing, my aches have completely disappeared. I’m still working on it, and I keep getting more and more knee range and strength after 5 years. I’m not saying they know absolutely everything – I guess I could have come to the same conclusion if I had studied. What I’m saying is they know how to work and how to approach your training so you can achieve whatever goal you want to. They’re people who have already studied, so you can work and learn how to exercise your body. Nowadays, I feel way better than when I started, and I’m sure I’ll be better as I keep working on it. I definitely recommend their work.