Luis Berenguer

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I remember that 3 years ago I wanted to be an athlete like the ones I saw on television; dancers, fighters and athletes. There was something that interested me a lot of all this. I have done sports from school to university but I never got the results I wanted (jumps, speed, coordination, being able to climb a tree without fear and much more). So when I had some free time I went looking for answers reading blogs, watching videos, etc …

It’s funny because I knew Pau and Pablo from the beginning, I went down to the river to train and some days I met some freaks who did various things like one arm chin ups and handstands for minutes.

In those moments I said «Wow that’s very cool» but we did not get any further. I had my way of doing things, my routines, they were also starting and nobody knew them. As if that were not enough, I went to the University of Córdoba and I did not hear from them again for years.

One of the things I learned in Córdoba was parkour, but there I realized something else: people get hurt, people get frustrated and believe that only by trying harder they can achieve what they want. I decided that some of all that was wrong.

I was missing something, and I assumed it was a coherent and deliberate process. A strategy that would give me a clear advantage. It was there when my mind brought me to these guys. It was perfect, because that year I returned to Elche and could talk with them in person.

To make an appointment was quite easy, I sent an email and a few weeks later we did a Skype interview in which everything was discussed («what do you want, what are your goals, nutrition, injuries, temporary disposition, etc.») That’s when I started, I had to take several videos and photos to understand what was «my level».

After that, they designed «The program» or the map, (where are you, where are you going and what did you have to do each day to reach it). It’s just a beautiful excel sheet that tells you which blocks to train every day. I stuck it on a wall and treated it with respect.

For me who hadn’t gone to a gym in my life, and was not used to record myself while training, the first week was the biggest challenge. Especially because I had gone from training 1 hour and a half to 2-3 hours. I had to organize myself well but I did not care, I was committed.

Almost at the same time I was introduced to the group, which is nothing more than a handful of people with an open mind, with whom you could discuss training, diet, sleep (health in general), everyone has their tricks and you can learn a lot. I could ask questions and get several useful answers or contribute a little when I wanted.

I took an unstoppable speed the first weeks and did everything I could with generally new exercises for me. I always felt like an inverted roller coaster, I kept progressing and by the moment I get used to the program they adapted it again to me, becoming a game where I would never say «it was easy».

In 4 months I went from lifting 20 kg to doing squats with my mother on top. I went from an injured shoulder to one I could trust and move at will. I touched the floor with my palms for the first time, and managed to do 3 muscle ups in rings in a row.

In addition there was something of everything that I liked, it was not just me but there was someone else on the other side waiting, I could not say «today I do not go» or «I do only half» because it would be bad and I would fail to someone . Every week I got small tips of what I was doing wrong («pull your shoulders back, do not bend your knees, keep your back straight …») and how to do better in order to improve faster.

Like all things, it has not been perfect, after those 4 months, recently, I came up with a job that changed all my schedule, I began to skip training sessions and little by little I lost some of the speed I had built. Less results and a little bit of frustration in these weeks, that would be a «plateau».

I’m already planning how to return to the load again but if I had to give you advice would be this: Be humble, do not let the inertia of success blind you to believe that because you are who you are, you are going to continue moving forward, do the right things every day. With these guys you choose how far you want to go.