José Araquistain

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Well, I have always done sports, in various fields, and it has always been an important factor in my life.
Some time ago I realised that my training, both the selftaught one and the one in the gym, weren’t giving the results I was looking for in any field: neither in mobility, strength or aesthetics.Once I realised this I decided to start working with Enso Movers, as a long-time alternative (I started with the intention of being one year with them), in order to get results in all the fields above mentioned.
The results were amazing. Besides having a pair of coaches very dedicated, who really strive for you to improve, they do a fantastic tracking of your progress. What you achieve with this training, so good guided, both in short and long term, is crazy.
In 45 days, I went from touching the toes of my feet to, practically, touching the floor with the palm of my hands standing on two plates; from not having enough strenght to do strict pull ups, to do them, and even doing muscle ups, being able to do handstands and lowering a lot of weight (more than 6 kg).
With this I want to say that I achieved my objectives very fast and, besides that, my body was feeling healthier and stronger. The change of starting with Enso Movers wasn’t only reflected on my body: at the beginning they gave me some nutrition advice, with which I decided to «burn the boats» and follow them strictly. I felt it in my organism incredibly, waking up early was no longer a problem, my body is always full of energy and it is never drowsy, I was more focused at my university lessons… To sum up, only positive effects happened in my body at all levels: mentally, emotionally (my self-confidence went up) and physically.
Today I’ve been a little bit more than 4 months with them and changes don’t stop, the personal and carefull coaching keeps, and my plan of staying one year keeps too, and it will be probably increased, because letting Enso Movers guide my training has been the best decision I could have made.
Finally, I would like to say that I study at the university, I have a job with a less-than-favorable schedule, I practise another sport and, besides that, I have a social life. My time is limited, but I don’t let myself make excuses, and I simply train every day, to get a stronger, more agile and functional body