We could speak about ourselves, flatter ourselves and, as Mr. Wolf would say: “suck each other’s dicks”; however, we’d rather the people we work with to tell you their experience.

They are the ones who invest their time, who work, who perform their work out under the sun, in the night, wether it rains or it’s too cold, and even while travelling. That’s why we think it’s them who have to talk about this project and what it has provided them with. We asked them to write their testimonies in the most honest way: as long as and with the register they wanted, so you’ll find here different lengths and formats. Because we think everyone express themselves their own way, we never modify the content in favor of the form.

Finally, we’d like to highlight testimonies here are from people who have been studying with us for at least 3 months, so we make sure they have been able to see the process, the hard work and the progress. Behind each of these testimonies, there’s a lot of work: take this into account, my dear reader, when you read them.

P.S.: Thanks to all our students for trusting us and walking this way beside us.

Kindly, Pablo and Pau.