Marcos Elias Pérez

Español | English

I would like to tell you my personal experience working with Enso Movers and the gains I have obtained, physically and mentally. When I started 4 months and a half ago, I wasn’t a very mobile person, specially on my spine, and I didn’t think I was a strong guy, even though I had a sports background (hiking, karate…).

When I first started in Enso Movers, during the first weeks it was hard to me to pick up the pace -I remember one of the coaches telling me I should train with all my willpower, and that’s what I did-. Even though I was not going through my best moment and it was hard to me to have my trainings organized, I was able to progress very quickly, and achieve things not even me thought I could do. I was a little bit more confident.

Since my training goals were to get as many benefits as possible in a general way, (mobility, strength, balance…) the trainings were quite long and had many parts, whose exercises were sometimes hard for me to understand. However, Enso Movers has sorted out all of my doubts, either questions of comprehension, purpose of the exercise, performing technique or the gains obtained. This made me understand why I was training.

Regarding injury treatment, I’ve been fascinated from the beginning, for the point of view is completely different from the one we’ve always seen. It’s a more logic and natural one, which can heal the injury with no muscle-function lost, and creates an adaptation to be able to keep progressing instead of starting from scratch. Enso Movers has made everything possible to adapt my program: I have an incurable injury by exercising, so they modified my training so I could obtain gains in my injured muscles without using the damaged structure. They taught me there’s always a solution and you only have to figure it out.

After four months I feel now way stronger, even on some joints I would have never thought, such as my scapulae or grip strength. I’ve got more mobility, specially on my thorax (bridges), which has given me a healthy spine for the rest of my life. Obviously, training handstands has not only given me some other gains, such as balance and concentration, but has also helped me face my fears and be more self-confident.

The most important thing Enso Movers has provided me with, is the principles of movement: do not train for aesthetics or competition, but for the fact of moving, because that’s what we are designed for. In Enso Movers, you learn little by little the importance of reaching as many ROM’s as possible -even the difficult ones-, which provides us with health and well-being, I mean, the fact that your body does not restrict you in any sense. You feel healthy and strong, and you achieve a connexion with your body which can be translated into happiness.

In short, this kind of training asks a lot of you, specially in the beginning, but the gains are amazing.

I’ve had a very personal, friendly and professional manner in Enso Movers. Everything’s perfect! And I’ve also got an amazing training education.