Enrique Sogorb Barceló

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I started training with Enso Movers around 9 months ago. I heard about them because of some friends, who had already started some months before I did. When I saw the goals they were achieving, I decided to get started just to try, for the ways I was trying before (stretching, gyms and common routines in the sports I used to play) were not providing me with the result I expected.

From the very first moment Enso Movers has proved they are professional in their sector, from the first interview in order to meet you, know your goals and how to tackle them, to the weekly following of the programs.

One of the things I appreciate the most is the way they treat their clients: every skill dealt with in their programs have a goal, which is clear and explained in detail; something that I really appreciate as a professional physiotherapist, for they have a whole bunch of knowledge of anatomy, physics and ways of training that not many professionals have.

Another thing I would like to emphasize is the individualization of their programs. Your program is yours, and you are going to achieve the best results because its design takes into account your features and goals.

To sum up, after 9 months with Enso Movers the way I see exercise and my body health have changed, I feel stronger and mobile than ever before. I totally recommend them, as a physiotherapist and current client of them.

Enrique Sogorb Barceló.

Registered Physiotherapist 5528