Carolina Rodil

Español | English

I met Enso Movers through social networks. What encouraged me to train with them was their philosophy and their way of seeing physical exercise as something more interdisciplinary, more complete, than what I was used to see in this area. In my case, I started from scratch —I have never practiced any sport regularly, because of work and studies I had a very sedentary life, and I am not a particularly agile person either. My experience in the world of exercise was reduced to sometimes going to the gym intermittently, but without training seriously or very consciously.

To me, one of the best parts of training with Enso movers is that training is an evolving process, it is not something closed, nor simply a series of isolated exercises that you repeat without further ado. And above all, the process is something completely adapted to your personal case. From the first moment you talk to them about your goals, what you want to work on and your time availability —the training is adapted to your specific case. As you progress, the workouts change, but always adapted to your rhythm and looking for working on your weak points, which are seen in the different exercises in order to improve and correct them. They modify the routine if necessary, so that you can do them correctly according to your possibilities. And this way, a gradual and very natural way, you progress and improve until you reach goals you did not think you could reach or you thought would take you a long time, and you discover skills that you did not imagine you could have.

I’d also like to highlight that Pablo and Pau are very professional coaches, with extensive knowledge, at all times the treatment is very close and they have an endless patience to repeat the explanations the necessary number of times, send you corrections and the precise information that you need so that you understand and can perform the exercise correctly. And all faced with a very didactic approach so that at every moment you know what it is the purpose of each exercise you perform, what muscles and joints are involved, what is intended with the exercise and what will be the next steps that will allow you to perform it, until you reach the goals that you had, which helps a lot to motivate you as you see that you achieve them. The fact of having a specific goal in sight helps you focus.

In my case, I can say that the training has not only provided me with a better physical shape, a greater knowledge of my body and its possibilities, but also another way of seeing physical activity in your day to day, being more active at all times.