Carlos Lezaun

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After 9 months with Enso Movers I have a good word to describe them: formidable.

I have been training all my life, and this time has been the hardest, most rewarding and productive for my physical health.

My real sports life began at age 14, when I stopped practicing team sports and ball (due to social pressure), and started doing capoeira, acrobatics, parkour and gymnastics. I have always wanted a good performance, although I did not know it until I was 19 years old. By then I had several wrongly healed injuries, but I let them go or used half-functioning methods. At 21 I began to be interested in the functioning of the body because I was sick of those injuries limit me, although I kept them at bay. And then I met Enso Movers.

I started learning from them through social media until I decided that I wanted to work with them The best decision I have made. I met a small community with whom to discuss doubts, share material of interest and information and, above all, learn. Pau and Pablo also teach you about nutrition, health, training, approaches, critical thinking, biomechanics, and more within a wide range of useful areas of knowledge for health.

The program they make for you is tremendously accurate for individual circumstances and objectives, since it takes into account everything, from illnesses to injuries, including your aspirations. By this time I have rehabilitated almost all the injuries and chronic pains that I suffered: pain rotating both shoulders, multiple sprains in the ankles, overload in the left knee, poor mobility in almost all joints, sprain in the left wrist, and some that I forgot. All this prevented me from progressing to the maximum, and so far I had not found any professional of any discipline that gave me a long-term solution, not only to heal me, but to prepare my body for the activities that I like and that have previously injured me.

Now I have mobility and strength to withstand major impacts and make lots of new movements that I could not before. Thanks to them I am on the way to being really healthy physically, without fear of twisting an ankle or dislocating a shoulder, and able to make great physical efforts without fear of any joint or muscle being damaged in the attempt.

I have become aware of the need to prepare your body so that you can, physically and in the long-term, manage the activities that you like, motivate or need to perform without risk of injury or worsen your physical condition. So, you try hard and they teach you the best way to get wherever you want to go.