Bibiana Martínez Cartagena

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If I were to describe mi experience with Enso Movers, I would do it with these three words: learning, perseverance and overcoming.

When I first started with Enso Movers I didn’t even know what my body was able to do. I wasn’t aware that having a body meant being able to use it, and that learning how to do it required effort and perseverance. Something that Enso Movers has taught me is that we need to move. It may seem something basic, and perhaps it is, but basic does not always mean simple (something that I have also learnt with Enso Movers): what I mean is that movement is inherent to the human being as a species, I mean, it’s a component to its essence. The problem came with modernization and the thought that comfort is an essential, which made us forget what this concept actually means and, as a consequence, we walked away from out true nature. Enso Movers has made me notice that the only way to get somewhere is through movement.

Perseverance has been a part of the learning process.
When I started in this world a year ago, my life changed completely: I went from being sedentary with no sports background to moving 7 days a week. Obviously, this meant learning all of a sudden to be perseverant and dedicated, which is really hard when you’ve never made any physical effort.

I think this one is the most important concept. Being part of Enso Movers has made me learn and notice many, many things, but the most satisfying one has been to overcome myself every day.
Something really hard to understand for many people is that in order to learn something, trying is essential, and that the first time the performance will never (and I mean never) be perfect. This is a lesson that even today is hard for me to understand, because there’s nothing more frustrating than trying something and not achieving it. Enso Movers has taught me that the key of success is repetition, and that if you don’t try, you won’t get it.
It’s hard doing something once and once again and not getting the result we’re looking for. That’s why I think it’s necessary (or, at least, rewarding) to have someone who supports you. Enso Movers has been that «someone» to me, and I couldn’t feel happier.

To sum up, training with Enso Movers has not only been useful to change my body, but has also been a process of evolution in every sense. Nowadays, I feel like a new person, physically and mentally. And the best thing is that I still have plenty of the way to walk, many things to learn and a whole bunch of places to move through…

Bibiana Martínez.