Antonio Solano Martínez

Español | English

Honestly, Enso Movers has pleasantly surprised me. I started to train with them around 4 months ago and the changes I’ve been seeing are amazing. Talking about physical development, I have to say I have never ever been as good as I feel nowadays.

Not only have I obtained mobility and strength, but I’m also doing new things and experiencing new feelings on my body that I had never felt before and that I never imagined I would be able to achieve.

They have provided me with a new point of view, that we have a body and we must use it, every day, all day. We are designed for moving and learning, and that’s exactly what Enso Movers is carrying out.

They way they work, their planning, corrections… Everything makes sense. They leave nothing to chance, and whenever you need an explanation they will be there to give it to you.

As professional colleagues, I encourage Enso Movers to keep helping people the way they do; as a friend, I wish them all the best with this new way of seeing this world of training.