Carlo Cedrola Coletto

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Back when I started with the guys from Enso Mover, I thought I had found just two talented, friendly trainers. I could have never imagined that I had found so much more than that: Pau and Pablo have given me incredible tools to develop my physical abilities and challenged me to get out of my comfort zone, showing that most of the limitations I had perceived as reality were just mere illusions, lack of hard work or lack of a mindful practice. This all was always communicated in a fraternal and warm way, characterized by patient and meticulous care. The plateaus I had been fighting against for over a year in my straigth arm strength and knee rehabilitation disappeared. The Back Lever and heavy Front Squats, which were in no way accesible to me before, entered my movement vocabulary. My Bridge does not make me feel ashamed anymore. I could continue reciting benefits but probably the greatest of all of them has been the quantity of information that I have gained through this process, which has unlocked a new dimension of independence and mindfullness in the personalized care and development of my body.

If you are like me and you are not just searching for a way to meet your goals but for answers to the why and how of the pandora´s box that is human movement (and you have so many questions that you doubt that anybody will ever be able not to hate you), you have come to the right place. You can expect challenges, real education and amazing care and motivation 🙂