Miguel Ángel Molina


Hi, how are you?

I am Miguel, I am writing this testimony just over two weeks after turning one year with the Ensos and just 4 days after turning 41.

As a background, I will tell you that I got into «fitness» on my 34th birthday when I realized that I weighed about 15-20kg more than I should. I wanted to look good handsomely in an Italian suit on my wedding 8 months later, something I got, by the way (from 94.3kg to 76kg). During this whole process, inadvertently, I found «The Health», and I became a geek about nutrition, training, healthy lifestyles, etc. and I went on to change the aesthetic goals into more health-oriented..

Why am I telling you all this? During this constant research, I stumbled upon  the website of two guys who were crazier than me about this topic and who talked about «weird» things in their blog, such as the paleo-diet, fasting, the movement culture, etc … And I thought that it might be interesting to train with them, because: «let’s face it Miguel, you deadlift a lot of kg, but you hardly touch your toes with your legs straight». So, I sent them an email and we started putting sets (as we say here).

Today, at my 40’s, I can tell you that I am capable of doing things that I never thought I could do. I do handstands, I work in rings, I have very intense mobility sessions …, but above all, it is the feeling of freedom that my body gives me. I move more and better, I am stronger and I have more confidence in my abilities (both physical and mental) and, moreover, certain pains or discomforts that I had been carrying around have disappeared.

During the second cycle of this adventure, and after a few weeks of reflection, all this lead to the following question: «Pau, how old am I for Parkour?» And  apparently not that old. I’ve been jumping and climbing walls, doing precision jumps for over half a year now and enjoying it like a teenager despite, and I quote my traumatologist, «having grandfather’s knees».

I am very grateful to Enso Mover for its knowledge and his way of transmitting it, for his dedication, for his support, and for that special way they have of motivating you. Oh, and we have a great community, a super handsome Telegram group where we all  share material, info, and motivation.

I can only recommend, if you have read this far, that you allow yourself to try this experience because you will not regret it, for sure.


Miguel Angel

Father of two amazing girls and Traceur Rookie.