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How we work?

It all starts with a conversation between us via Skype, in which we talk about your goals, our way to work towards them and at the same time we note down the necessary information in order to work together. Then, we send you some tests with exercises that you would have to perform and record for us.

The next point is our work: we make a specific program for you and we share it in a Google Drive folder once you have made the payment. During the first week, we will readjust the details of your program according to your needs.

During the online coaching service, we will be in touch constantly, at least once a week, to check how your progress goes and to readjust your program in consequence. In addition, if your situation changes during the online coaching service (either you are travelling, want schedule changes, can’t get to the required equipment, etc.) we will modify your program according to it.

Our Service

  • Customized program
  • Nutritional advice
  • Coaching and questions


What to Expect

Customized Program

  • You will have access to a complete customized program, which will include strength, mobility, handstands and pre/rehabilitation.
  • The content of your program will be adjusted according to your progression.
  • There’s a video for each exercise of the program. We have a private video library with more than 220 videos, so each progression is explained in detail.

Coaching & Questions

  • Apart from your customized program, you will be able to contact us to ask us anything through WhatsApp, e-mail, etc.
  • At the same time, we can give you advice about nutrition or healthy lifestyle, so you can improve not only your training but also your sleep patterns and nutrition.